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UWA Student Newspaper

Volume 71 Edition 8

Welcome to the Pelican website. This is the last edition of the year.


Divine Discrimination
by Mike Preston
Hey Abbo-ott! is just one of the many puns we used in this article that you won't get.
Scarred and Feathered
by Kate Emery
This has a much better title than if, for instance, the article had been called 'Battery Acid'. If however we had called it 'Assault and Battery', you may have thought it was about that French guy who eats planes and cars and stuff and the seasoning he uses and not about the terrible treatment of battery hens which it is. This is just another pun you probably won't get.
The Two Faces of September
by Mike Preston and Ivor King
Two very different opinions on the recent S-11 Protest in Melbourne. Both seem to ignore one very important point: the Crown Casino is a spaceship. It's a big conspiracy, we're all fucked and they're going to the moon. Rich bastards!
Can We Have the Number for the President's Office?
by Giovanni Torre
Jonathon works at the Caltex Service Station in Nedlands. Jessica works at Hungry Jacks in Claremont. Can they cross insurmountable boundaries and at last find true love? Not if that pesky Fidel Castro has anything to do with it.
An Incitement to Riot?
by Cliodhna Quigley
I like to riot my bicycle, I riot it very far/ I like to riot my bicycle, cos I can't drive a car. No really, it's actually all about subverting the given.
Whassup? With Bob Hawke
by Gawain Davies
We're all fucked. He's going to the moon! Rich Bastard
The Last Great Aussie Frontier
by Nicola McDougall
Nicola seems to have been everywhere, from Istanbul to Constantinople. Then again, she's never been to the moon. Looks like she's fucked too.


Cover Art
This edition's graphic design.
President's Farewell
Paper Jam
by Ryan Batchelor
The University has released yet another paper on the future of UWA. This paper is also available on-line. Does this make our attempt at a pun in the title redundant or even more witty?
Women's Pages
Reclaim the Night and the year in short ... no, not shorts silly.
Nudity isn't always a laughing matter, especially when it happens to someone you know. What does this have to do with art? Well there is nudity on these pages ... and a doll.
Killer @ Large Volume 8
by Paul Kilbott
Hopefully in about an hour, we'll know what Killer's writing about. You see, everything else has already gone to the printers. We're just wondering where Killer is.
Yeah ... just the usual; movies...
Actually, I haven't read this section but at a guess it'll probably have some kind of interview with Wayne Simmons and a how-to section surrounding the little understood art of playing spoons. We're all fucked.

Only on Paper

Ebola Monkey: The Movie
by Edward J Grug III
Despite being able to command top dollar in Hollywood these days, Edward J Grug hasn't forgotten the little people. He returns one last time to adapt his Academy nominated movie to comic format. We are not worthy. Featuring a pesky Fidel Castro.


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